Kaspa announced today a partnership with Flux (https:www.runonflux.io), a leading provider of decentralized cloud solutions, to launch Kaspa network nodes on their cloud infrastructure.  Launching the Kaspa network on Flux’s decentralized and reliable node infrastructure allows Kaspa to further decentralize and heighten the security & scale of our network.  Currently there are 13,500+ Flux nodes that are hosted around the world by the community, with redundancy as a key feature. If an instance goes down, one gets redeployed on another node in the network. They can be hosted anywhere from bare metal dedicated servers, to VPS’s, to home hosted solution.

Kaspa wants to thank Flux for supporting us in our mission to be the fastest, open-source, decentralized, and fully scalable Layer 1 digital ledger in the world.  Acceptance by Flux, a world-leading provider of decentralized Web3 infrastructure, serves to further validate the Kaspa mission and goals.